Here is a complete lowdown on belly fat

Introduction: Have you stood yourself in front of the mirror and noticed what exactly the shape of your body is? Research has revealed that a lot of people are extremely unhappy about the shape of the body. Infact, most of them are!

So, what is it that bothers them the most?

I had set up a survey on my health blog recently on what the people who frequent there feel is not right about their bodies. And you will be surprised to know that 89 percent of them said that there was something about their mid ridge that bothered them. So, they meant the belly? And most of all they meant the fats that settles down there making it its permanent abode!

Everyone has belly fat:

Now, if you think only people who are on the heavier side have belly fats, you cannot be more wrong.

Because, when we talk about the fats on the stomach area,

even people who apparently have flat abdomen have belly fat.

Yes, everyone does and there are no two things about it.

So, then what is the issue?

While, having belly fat per se does not make anyone unhealthy,

a little too much of the belly fat can lead to complication and affect health in way too many was that thought of and I discovered that Garcinia pills curbed my hunger.

Where is the fat located?
Some of the fats are right under the first layer of the skin and some of it, actually most of it in deep inside the body;

under the last layer of the skin and the organs like the heart, the liver and the kidneys.

Is it really bad then?

Having said all this, let me clarify in the beginning itself that some amount of fats around your vital organs is absolutely necessary for cushioning sake.

The organs do need that since they are vigorously working day in and day out and the fat allows them to function in a way that is comfortable. But, like I said already, excess can be bad.

How much is too much?

Too much and by too much I mean even a little excess than what your organs need can mean that you end with afflictions such as high BP, diabetes, chronic cardiac conditions, chronic conditions of the nervous system, including dementia et al and then the emperor of all maladies, cancer too.

What about the fat?

According to experts in the field, fats that settle down on our organs are not mute spectators. What they do inside is create a whole lot of nuisance. They are known to make such silly and nasty secretions that it can affect the normal endocrine functions of the body sending the entire bodily functions to a toss and in the bargain inviting a hell lot of health afflictions.

How does this happen?
Let's start from the beginning:

When you over eat or eat more than your bodily requirement, you tend to accumulate a lot of fat that the body may not at all convert into energy because you are not doing enough exercise or active work in order for it to convert.

So, per force the fat settles down wherever it finds it convenient to and mind you in all wrong places.

So, with continuous weight gain and non active lifestyle,

the places in the body that can store fat optimally get saturated and then the only place that these fat cells have to go to is to settle down in and around the vital organs and on the head of them all the heart!

And that does not translate well, does it?

No, not at all! It is important therefore that you keep a check on your intake and in consonance with the kind of lifestyle that you are used to. If you are into active lifestyle, eat because you can burn it all off. But, if you are into a sedentary lifestyle then why give room to the fat cells in the first place.



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